What is our goal?

ATB“A good trade skill can make your life richer”

Asia is a region that is showing great excitement in cryptocurrency and FOREX globally, but there are many who are still unable to participate.

With the occupation that makes up the largest portion of the wealthy is proven to be stock trader and money exchanges.
ATB was formed to establish a place where Asian traders can be trained and used in the world.

  • Who we are?

    Asia Trade Battle “ATB” is the world biggest trading event with prize of FOREX and CRYPTO.

    Currently opening a season 1 event with the big partners.
    crypto exchange “Bybit”

  • Bybit X ATB

    ■ Participation entry period
    12:00 GMT on February 3, 2020 ~ 12:00 GMT on February 17, 2020
    ■ Contest period
    12:00 GMT on February 17, 2020 ~ 12:00 GMT on March 16, 2020
    Entry contest can get $50 bonus!
    20% off transaction fee during ATB period!

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Features of bybit

  • bybit

    Because the contract power is high, entry is possible smoothly and there is no server downtime, so you can trade with confidence.
    Furthermore, the leverage is up to 100 times unlike the domestic exchange up to 4 times.
    Since bybit uses a zero cut system, there is no need for additional confirmation.
    We released an official app that makes trading on the web trading screen easy, but makes it even easier to use.

    Opening an account can be completed only by setting an email address and password.

    $ 50 bonus for opening an account during ATB!
    In addition, transaction fees are 20% off.

    Even those who are not good at English can use it without problems. It also supports Japanese.
    Chat support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is an exchange that puts customers first.