Ambassador Program

Are you a trader, and have a desire to share its appeal with others?

We are currently recruiting foreign nationals to assist us in spreading excitement of trading.

We are not targeting only existing traders,
By doing the cost promotion, we are targeting to increase more numbers of people to start trading.

We believe “A good trade skill can make people life richer”

Ambassadors are issued with individual referral codes and can earn rewards by recruiting ATB event information and participants.
You will share our event and earnare not only referral, we also see as partners that excite ATB event together.
Also can find a new representative trader create new teams through ATB.

  • Social Media​​
    Social Media​​

    If you have an influential social account, post and share our event.

  • Blog

    If you have an influential blog , post a article about us and share our event.

  • PPC

    If you know how to do PPC or any web ads, you can do it to share.

Special Rate

Bybit – Crypto
MAX 35%

As an ATB special affiliate reward, the bybit affiliate usually varies from 25% →33% → 35% depending on the number of registered users.

Special offer will be starting from 33%

Top Ambassador Now

Active users registered via the Ambassador referral code will be…
  • If there are 2,000 registrants
    40BTC equivalent
    Monthly compensation standard
  • If there are 3,500 registrants
    55BTC equivalent
    Monthly compensation standard
  • If there are 6,000 registrants
    80BTC equivalent
    Monthly compensation standard
Info by our partner

Successful life

Mr.Powell – Fictitious name

“I make my live with trading referral, it s amazing because once build, it is stable in the long term”

Ms.Boone – Fictitious name

“Crypto and forex trading demand is more and more increasing, I am sure now should be the best to get highest result.”

Details of ATB Ambassador Program

Ambassador registration period 〈ASIA TRADING BATTLE CRYPO SECTION〉
12:00 GMT on February 3, 2020 ~ 12:00 GMT on February 17, 2020
Participation fee FREE
How To Participate

Follow the official Twitter


Open new bybit account,if you dont have one.
Opening bybit account

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Request Affiliate registration program

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Login to affiliate system

Open Campaign Management then Links & materials for Clients
Take note of numbers after “affiliate_id=”

Replace YYYY in below URL area for the numbers you took note of on STEP 06


The address you made on STEP 07 is your affiliate adress.share it with your users.

Ambassador Rewards  Rewards at bybit(CRYPTO)
⇒As an ATB Special Affiliate, the compensation system that usually varies from 25% → 33% → 35% depending on the number of registrants starts from 33%.
Reward Target The reward target is reached by acquiring new users of each exchange through ambassador activities within the target period.
Individual management screens and affiliate codes can be issued and used.
Registration bybit Affiliate registration