FAQ – Participants
Q How can I participate in the tournament?
A Click “Register” on the main web page.
Q Can I automatically participate in the tournament after completing registration, and can I get the first deposit amount of 50%?
A In addition to submitting the registration application form, the initial deposit amount is required before the registration deadline.
Q I haven’t decided whether to deposit, but can I register first?
A Yes. If you have completed the registration earlier and you have 500 USD before the registration deadline, you can join the tournament at any time.
Q If I make a deposit of 500 USD, can I automatically participate in the competition?
A Regardless of the deposit history of your account, if you wish to participate, please make sure that your assets are at least 500 USD at the start of the competition (November 21, 9pm Japan Time). If you access the tournament web page without fulfilling this requirement, the system will automatically display a deposit notice. You can only participate in the competition if you hold at least 500 USD at the start of the competition and will be subject to profit and loss and ranking calculations.
Q Can I deposit / withdraw during the competition?
A There are no restrictions on deposits and withdrawals during the competition period. However, competition ranking may be affected as shown in the ranking formula. Please note that if you withdraw, the amount of assets in your account will decrease immediately.
Q Is it OK to register although i have an account on bybit and genetrade?
A Yes. It will be counted as entry by opening a new account dedicated to ATB.
FAQ – Ambassador
Q How can I register for an affiliate and generate my affiliate code?
A You can create your affiliate account which you prefer,from this links below and get your affiliate code from My Page.

Affiliate registration
Affiliate registration

Q Is the affiliate reward system different for bybit and Genetrade?
A Yes, bybit 24-30% commission for referral users, and Genetrade register $ 8- $ 10 x referral users as affiliate rewards.